Final Major Project – Change of Idea

1 02 2011

While I have been researching the smaller problems within each country I have started to panic that I am giving myself too much work to do. Tho I have noticed more common bigger problems that we are all dealing with and we are all trying to fix. World Problems like the economy, the rapid climate Change, and the world water crisis. These problems aren’t just one countries problem, it is everyone’s. so now I am thinking of do a World campaign based on one of these problems, I’m Thinking of focusing on how upcoming graduating students and recently graduated students are handling the unemployment status in this economy downfall. We all came to university for a degree and to get a job we would all love to do but now coming out of college we are lucky if we will have a chance at a job. I’m thinking of campaigning to give students a chance and to try to help struggling students find ways to help with paying fees and student loans, and to help them stand on their feet. I’m sure their parents are helping them but there is only so much they can do too. I want to try to help them find ways to save money and to reuse the old pair of jeans in the back of the cupboard. As for the website idea I want to make it a place for these students to come to and find new friends in the same position as them but also to find opportunity of traveling abroad for jobs in their degree. It seems to be the way to go these days.




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