Final Major Project Idea

1 02 2011

My idea is complicated. I want to do an Anti …. Poster campaign, only it will be world-wide. I want to focus on the smaller problems of each country. Example, U.S.A – Immigration and the Arizona bill that was recently passed, making all Mexican citizens carry their papers with them and all times.  Chile – Child Sex Trading and the Income Distribution. Botswana – The environmental Problems, Drought and Desertification. Etc.

This will be a big campaign, I Would like do use 15 different Countries all with their own different problems.  From each country I have a Friend that I will interview and ask their opinions for the posters. I’m not sure yet if I will be using their image as they may not want me too also that I will have to use an image that they would sent me so it may not work on the poster, so I was thinking of creating a style of animations on Illustrator to represent each friend.

I was also thinking of designing a web site. it would be about the common problems throughout each country and what their solutions are to the problems. My audience would be world-wide and of all ages.




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