Illegal immigration – What it is.

15 02 2011



An individual is given the right to enter another country under the terms agreed upon by his or her country and the country he or she is entering. However, when the individual violates those terms of entry, he or she is said to have committed illegal immigration.

Immigration refers to the movement of people between countries, and it becomes illegal when the legal processes one is required to undergo is not properly done or is not done at all. The United States is often the primary target of illegal immigration. Each country has its own set of immigration laws that a foreign visitor must abide by in order to gain entry. However, some individuals may enter legally, but extend their stay beyond the limitations set by immigration laws.

When an individual is found to be an illegal immigrant, he or she is subject to deportation or immediate removal from the country. Immigration is strictly monitored because illegal immigrants may find themselves in difficult situations that the country’s government cannot provide them help with. Such cases involve abuse, slavery, human trafficking, and death.

Illegal immigration can be achieved through 2 ways. The first method involves crossing over a border, which is the case with Mexican people migrating to the United States. The second method involves overstaying a visa wherein an individual may enter the country legally via a visa, but overstay the terms set in the visa. Various reasons are given as to why illegal immigration occurs. Most common of all is the search for better economic opportunities.





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