Idea Amendment – Strengthening Idea

16 02 2011

Now that I have started to get into depth with my research in the 5 main subject it has proven harder than I expected to find research on certain subjects like Drug Smuggling, though in the other hand I am finding a lot of useful information on the subject of Human Trafficking, so I think I am going to focus my project even more to just the major matter of Human trafficking through out the world.

Realizing that Trafficking is more serious in some parts but has little or no warning information about Trafficking, in comparison to other areas that is not as intense and has a lot more information and organizations to help prevent it, has very different ways of getting the message across. I am going to use the 6 main continents Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America and South America, and the level of trafficking to help design the style and how blunt I am going to be with my message. So I should hopefully end up with 6 or more different designs/styles that would work best in each continent and each with their own strong but blunt message. As it is a campaign I am doing, 6 posters is not enough, so now that I have focused on what I want to do I can expand on each continent, so I plan to end up with 24 final posters, (6 sets and 4 versions for each continent) each having their own strength of the message. I also want to show what each of theses designs will look like on billboards, busses, Taxis, news papers, etc.




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