Interesting images and typography found in some books.

24 02 2011

These are some intresting images i found in some artist books. I like the grungy look to them, the books were old a it gave a nice look to images also. They are have very different layouts but it was the typography that got my attention. i would like to take risks like these for my posters.

This image breaks the rules of typography, but it works really well, though im not sure if this would work for my posters.


Even though this image is blurred and out of focus it is still a really strong image and it works well with the typography. Normally i would say that it was too much text to have on a poster but it works will this the different point sizes and miss-aligned lines.

I just like how graphic this image is, it reminds me of the ransom notes with the different torn out letters to demand something for someones life. i think that would be a nice approach to my typography posters, and a strong way to get the message accross.

This image is great, it is just a photograph showing old posters and signs but what i really like about it, is it makes me want to mark make again, i think if i went back to mark making i would get some interesting type and backgrounds for my posters.

This image is nice and bold, and a very different media which is what i would like to try and accomplish with my posters.

REF : Title – David Carson : 2nd sight : grafik design after the end of print / text by Lewis Blackwell ; design by David Carson. Author – Blackwell, Lewis. Published –  London : Laurence King, 1997.

Title – A designer’s art / Paul Rand. Author – Rand, Paul. Published – New Haven ; London : Yale University Press, 1985.

Title – The graphic language of Neville Brody / text and captions by Jon Wozencroft. Author – Brody, Neville. Published – London : Thames and Hudson, c1988.





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