Current Campaigns – The Blue BlindFold

10 03 2011

What it is the Blue BlindFold.

Blue Blindfold is the international campaign of the UKHTC that is designed to:

• Encourage police authorities, front line professionals and the public to open their eyes to human trafficking

• Raise awareness, provide training and encourage information sharing worldwide

• Support victims of human trafficking

Launched in December 2007, the Blue Blindfold campaign received support from the ‘All Party Parliamentary Group on Trafficking in 2008’. The logo is fast becoming an internationally recognised symbol of help for victims. The Blue Blindfold represents how people are blind to the fact that human trafficking is happening near them. If people see something, we want them to take positive action. To open their eyes. To call Crimestoppers anonymously. Or report it to their local police. Blue Blindfold has supported operations tackling human trafficking including Pentameter 2 which targeted sexual exploitation. 66,000 UK police officers and investigators have been briefed on Blue Blindfold. 9,800 Blue Blindfold aidesmémoire have been distributed to forces and other agencies.

Key Aims


‘Blue Blindfold’ is the international campaign of the UK Human Trafficking Centre (UKHTC), which it uses to badge specific anti human trafficking initiatives and to deliver them on a sustainable basis. The UKHTC aims to achieve, through the Blue Blindfold campaign, encouragement of law enforcement, other front line professionals and vulnerable sectors of the public to ‘Open Your Eyes To Human Trafficking’ through awareness & training, modelled on a victim-centred approach & encouraging information sharing. It aims to promote effective partnerships to prevent human trafficking, protect the victims through a victim-centred human rights approach and prosecute offenders. It is hoped that the logo of the Blue Blindfold will be adopted by partners as an internationally recognised symbol of united effort & by victimsas a recognised symbol of help.

The Aims

Become an International Symbol

• Logo and message ‘Open Your Eyes To Human Trafficking’ to be adopted by partners and others as an internationally recognized symbol of united effort

• Logo to be a recognized symbol of help for victims Focus On Key Issues Of Human Trafficking

• Sexual Exploitation

• Domestic Servitude

• Forced Labour

• Children

Provide Focused Awareness

• Awareness to UK law enforcement, justice, health, social services, NGOs, plus key source countries

• Awareness to victims through multilingual help-line posters in transport hubs, city centres, clinics and publications, with Blue

Blindfold logo and Crime Stoppers contacts

• Awareness to schools of internal trafficking with a film and information pack

• Awareness to vulnerable areas through focussed campaigns

• Press releases to media to further expose trafficking

Training Provision

• Training modules embedded in staff training of law enforcement, justice, health, social services, etc.

• Partner with other training providers

Victim Focus

• Victim-centred approach as best practice model to others dealing with victims

• Awareness publicity to help victims with help lines

• Support provided to victim carers

Information Sharing

• Encouragement of greater information sharing between law enforcement, justice, health, social services and key source countries

• Proactive disclosure to NGOs and media of trends and operations

• Encouraging information flow between communities and law enforcement

Strategic Partnerships

• Networking and partnerships on awareness, training and information sharing:

• Law enforcement and professionals in the UK and key source countries

• International agencies

• NGOs

• Media

• Corporates

What is the UKHTC?

The United Kingdom Human Trafficking Centre (UKHTC) was created to lead the fight against human trafficking. Global experts in their field, the UKHTC is a specialist team formed from a number of agencies:

• Law enforcement

• Government

• Non-Governmental Agencies (NGOs)

• Charities

The UKHTC is highly experienced in advising on victim care and dealing with traffickers. So you can be confident that if you call with information it will help the suspected victim and will be as effective as possible. Victims can also be reassured that any information will be dealt with in complete confidence. The welfare of the victim always comes first. They are often severely traumatised and need specialist and sensitive care to help them return to normal life. Victims are understandably afraid of violence or repercussions and are often reluctant to come forward. Victim care is critical in bringing successful investigations and prosecutions against traffickers. The UKHTC reassures them that their rights are respected through professional care and security.

What is the world saying?

“The UK Government continued to serve as a model in the region for its emphasis on progressive anti-trafficking prevention campaigns. It continued its Blue Blindfold awareness campaign, launched in 2008 in 12 major cities in the UK. The Government makes its campaign materials available to countries for replication and dissemination.”

The US State Department Trafficking In Persons Report (TIP Report) June 2009

This international recognition for Blue Blindfold is very important towards creating international awareness of the issue of human trafficking, that affects everyone. The support from both the UNODC and TIP Report is vital to the development of blue Blindfold as a prevention tool that can reach victims and the general public. With this support the campaign can continue to help create awareness of human trafficking and ultimately break the control the traffickers have over victims.”

Nick Kinsella, Head of the UKHTC “The goal of the campaign is to work multilaterally with other countries to establish an international symbol for human trafficking and promote a unified campaign that reaches across borders. The hope is that the Blue Blindfold symbol with a trusted phone number will become identifiable in source, transit and destination countries and will help break the control traffickers have over victims.” ‘Commendable Initiatives Around The World’

The US State Department Trafficking In Persons Report (TIP Report) June 2009

Supporting the victims

Victims of human trafficking are victims of coercion, exploitation, deception, kidnap, false imprisonment and rape. And they’re not only adults and teenagers, some are children. They become trapped by enforced debt, intimidation, physical and emotional abuse, fear of retribution against them or their families. Traffickers withhold their passports and documents. Victims have no idea of their rights. Escape is just a dream. Blue Blindfold gives victims hope. Their horrific experiences are why the fight against human trafficking has the rights of the victims at heart of everything that happens. Law enforcement and migration control are important, but protecting the victims and their human rights are the UKHTC’s priority. Blue Blindfold works with a whole range of agencies, organisations and people to always put the victim first, from start to finish.

How do we do this?

• Identifying victims early by increasing awareness of the signs of human trafficking amongst police, health and social professionals.

• Advising and guiding police on appropriate gender and culturally sensitive behaviour throughout investigations.

• Ensuring victims have access to emergency and longer-term support.

• Giving victims with irregular immigration status 30 days to start recovering from their ordeal and consider their options such as helping police prosecute traffickers.

• Advising and assisting victims who choose to voluntarily return home.

• Providing long term victim relief, support and rehabilitation by working with a range of NGOs. The victims’ welfare is above everything. If a victim doesn’t want to or can’t testify against their traffickers, the police will focus on disruption. So, for example, police may use the Proceeds of Crime Act to look at criminal lifestyle offences, civil recovery, forfeiture, confiscation, tax offences and money laundering. Human trafficking is organised crime and can be targeted from a different angle.


The Blue blindfold campaign isn’t really the style i wanna go for, i don’t think it has the right impact that it should, i don’t think their message is blunt enough. Though I do like their logo Below. I think here they have a strong logo, and i understand how it ties their campaign together, i just think that their messages could be stronger and they could use more graphic images to catch peoples attention. Iv seen this campaign out and about but it doesn’t really scream to me.




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