Victim Stories

19 04 2011

These following stories are not real. I have constructed them through research for my project. The victims in these stories do not exist.

1  / Kacie – 16 yrs 

Kacie was a good girl, she didn’t do drugs or drink. She enjoyed school and made friends easily. She and her family moved to a new town. Her new school was scary. A new friend offered her a lift home. He drugged her. She woke up in a motel with several men around her auctioning her off. “One man bought me for $40,000”. She was then forced into sex trafficking. “I had 30-40 clients a day”. She was too drugged up to escape. She was always watched by guards. She never made it home.

North America – Sex Trafficking 

2  / Eugenio -27 yrs 

Eugenio was promised a well paying job by a friend, so her travelled to foreign land with 5 others. When he arrived they took is passport. “they said they needed it for my work papers”. He was then drugged and held it captivity. “I am now drug dependent”. He was forced to work. He worked 18hours a day for no pay. He was lucky if he got one meal a day. If he didn’t meet his work quota each day he was brutally beaten for hours at a time. He attempted to escape several times and failed. When he was caught he was locked up. “I went days without food or water”. 6 years later he escaped and made it home.

South America – Forced Labor 

3  / Senwelo – 6 yrs 

Senwelo was six when a business man made an offer to her parents that they couldn’t refuse. He promised them that he could provide for her and give her an education, a way out of poverty. They gave her to him and he promised to keep in contact but they never heard of him again. He forced her in to child labour where she was held in captivity. Working 20 hours a day she suffered from exhaustion. She was abused on a daily basis. At night she was scared to sleep for the men that entered her room. She was raped several times. It was a relief to her on the odd night when she got to sleep.

Africa – Child labour 

4  / Stefan – 45 yrs 

Stefan was in serious debt and was struggling to provide for his family. His employer gave him a way to work off his debt quicker. It was to last for 6 months but he had to leave the country and work and another location. He agreed to this. He told his family goodbye, he said he would send back money for them. The six months passed, and when Stefan thought he had paid his debt off he was ready to go home, but his employer refused to let him leave. “He threatened to kill my family if I didn’t continue to work”. Stefan was enslaved for 4 more years before he took his own life.

Asia – Bonded Labour 

5  / Beth – 23yrs 

What should have been an end of college trip turned out to be a nightmare? Beth and a couple of friends left home to see the world. When they landed they befriended a young man their age at the airport. They exchanged details and agreed to go to a party with this young man. He told them he would pick them up later. When Beth opened the door she was confronted with 3 grown men who attacked her and her friends. They where drugged and restrained. Beth woke up in a room with 6 other girls. She couldn’t see her friends. The door opened and she was dragged for the room then thrown into another room with a bed. A few minutes later a man entered the room, and forced her to have sex with him. This happened another 25 times that day. Beth was a victim of sex trafficking for 3 year before she died from internal bleeding form the infections she caught after an unsanitary abortion.

Europe – Sex Trafficking 

6  / Chad – 10 yrs 

Chad was walking home from the shop, on a street he walked every day. He noticed a truck slowly fallowing him and he began to run. Two men jumped out and dragged him back. He woke up in a different truck from before with other young boys. He tried to talk to one of them only realising they didn’t understand him. He felt a pain on the back of his head and all went black. He woke up again in a small room with 8 different boys. Again he tried to talk to them but they were too scared to talk back. They were all taken from the room then and guided into a large factory full of girl’s, boy’s, men and women all working. Chad was told to sit on the floor and get to work. He looked to the young girl beside him and started to copy her. They were sewing patches onto t-shirts. He worked 19hrs a day, with one meal a day, no sleep and brutally beaten for 4 years.

Australia – Child Labour 




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