Development Logo – Computer generated

4 05 2011

These First three Ideas was very quick. This is when i was struggling with the name of the campaign and i was trying to come up with a word mark, to see if it would fit. The set of logos I cam up with when I figured out what the name of my campaign was. “Stop Trafficking”.

Just a few word marks.

This first on is from one of my sketches. I was trying incorporate the style of the london underground tube map into it and use each color of my victims but it doesn’t seem to be working.

This would of been the final style of the logo.

This style of logo was taken from the one above where I still tried to keep the london underground incorporated into it. I just left it one color and a lot easier to understand.This would of been the final logo for this style. It seems to be working a lot better than the first one but, I felt it wasn’t quiet strong enough.

This is my final logo design. I think it works well because it is still related in the underground map style, it is a lot easier to read and understand. It can also change the colors of it to coordinate with each poster. 

This is the logo i have put on the map.

This is my final logo, though I am still not sure about the typeface if “trafficking” but i like that it can be changed to suit each poster. I think this is a strong enough logo to stand on its own and that it can be recognized as the campaign logo.




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