Animation project concept.

27 07 2011
Title : Buzzy Bee
Concept : Kids Book
Format : Paper cut out / Stop Motion
Project : Moving Image and Kinetic Typography.
As you know animation is not a strong point for me, so I want to do something that I can relate to in the graphic design sense, and something I can accomplish with the least amount of hiccups. I came across the kids story ‘Toy Story’ for the ipad which animated parts of the story. This I thought was very cool and I really liked, so the idea came across. The story is about a little bumble bee on his first outing out of the hive looking for honey, bouncing from flower to flower and seeing the world for the first time. He comes across a big pick nick basket and meets new friends, a little worm from the depths of the soil who found him self an apple, and an ant from a little colony from just across the park, then the little lady bird that lives in the tree above them. They spend the day telling stories about the world and becoming good friends. The story end with the bumble bee telling his parents about his day tucked up in bed. Throughout the story the text would be slowly moving along the bottom so you could read along with the narration.



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