Research – Stop motion videos – styles and techniques

27 07 2011

These are some videos I found and really like the style and techniques of each.

This video i really like because it has so much detail in it and it is using real objects for the props. I also love how unrealistic the little girl is and that the whole video was shot with a mobile phone.

This video I love because it is just an advertisement for a camera. But it is a great format for stop motion that I would love to try out for this project.

I remember doing these is school when I was a kid, and I for got how much fun they can be. This is a very old technique but it is the most basic form of motion.

This is another form of flip book motion but a style i have never seen before. I think it is great and i would love to give it a go.

Paper cut out stop motion is another very basic format. I love this video because it has tole a life story in a matter of minuets. and it is very fast and simple. This is another style i think i will try for my Project.

This is another form of paper cut out stop motion only in 3D, which i also like.

This video I i love because it is based strictly on sketches. I was thinking of using a tablet and trying this technique out my self.




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