The Story and Script.

28 07 2011

Title – Buzzy Bee


(text running across the screen)

This is a story about a Bee, finding new friends.

Scene  1

(text running across the screen)
There once was a bee hive, that hung on a branch, of a big oak tree, at the edge of the park.

*an image of a bee hive hanging from a branch*

Scene 2

(text running across the screen)
Inside this bee hive lived a young bee. his name was buzz. and buzz loved to explore the park.

*buzz coming down stairs to ask his mum if he can go out side*

Buzz – Mom?

Mom – Yes Buzz?

Bee – Can I go out and explore?

Mom – Have you cleaned your room?

Bee – I have just finished.

Mom – Ok. But be carefull, and be back in time for dinner.

Bee – Ok. Bye

Scene 3

(text running across the screen)
So buzz leaves the hive and begins to explore

*buzz flying through the sky*

Buzz – Zoom ,zoom

Buzz  – Weeeee, weeeee

Buzz  – Whoooooo

Scene 4

(text running across the screen)
As buzz enjoys flying, he spots a small bunch of Daises.

Buzz – Oh My favorite

*buzz makes his way to the daises and fees on them*

Buzz – Yum yum

Nom nom

Scene 5

(text running across the screen)
When buzz is full up on all the nectar, he begins to fly again.

*buzz leaves the flowers and is flying in the air again*

Buzz – Wizz

Buzz – Zip

Buzz – Zoom

Scene 6

(text running across the screen)
As Buzz is flying again he see some insects having a picnic. He decides to say hello.

*Buzz moves towards the insects on the picnic blanket*

Buzz – Oh I’ll go say hello

Scene 7

(text running across the screen)
As he lands on the blanket he introduces him self.

*Buzz sees an Ant eating a berry, a ladybird with a leaf and hears the caterpillar in the apple.*

Buzz – Hi, I’m Buzz. I’m from the hive across the park.

Lady – Hi Buzz, Im lady, This is ant, and wiggles is in the apple.

Buzz – Nice to meet you all, hows your picnic?

Ant – It’s great, would you like some?

Buzz – No thanks, iv just eaten.

*wiggles comes out of the apple to see what is going on*

Wiggles – hey who are you two talking too?

Buzz – hi

Wiggles – Oh hi, i didnt hear you land. Nice to meet you.

Buzz – you too.

Scene 8

(text running across the screen)
Just then Buzz heard his mum calling his name.

Mom – Buzz? Buzz?

Buzz – Coming Mom. Sorry thats my mom. I have to go.

Lady – ok bye bye

Ant – Hey maybe you could come out tomorrow.

Buzz – yea sure, ill meet you here.

Wiggles – Great, bye bye

Scene 9

(text running across the screen)
Buzz begins to fly home to his mom.

*buzz enters the hive*

Mom – how was your exploring?

Buzz – It was great, I met some new friends.

Mom – Really?

Buzz – Yea, Lady, who’s a lady bird, Ant who’s an Ant and Wiggles who’s a caterpillar.

They are all so nice, im going to meet them tomorrow.

Mom – Thats great honi, now lets get some lunch.

*Buzz and mom move off the screen.*








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