Kinetic typography videos

28 07 2011

Fight club video. This video is well know for the way it illustrates the words.

This is really cool.

Kinetic typography is a really cool technique, but i have been struggling to find it in the paper cut stop motion style, so these are just a couple of very cool digital videos. I am not going to use digital typography. I plan to cut out all of the letters that i wall be needing and actually placing each word in the same style as my animation. I hope to have my story run through the animation as the story goes on.


Kinetic typography – what is it?

28 07 2011

Website –

What is Kinetic Typography
Kinetic typography refers to the art and technique of expression with animated text. Similar to the study of traditional typography of designing static typographic forms, kinetic typography focuses on understanding the effect time has on the expression of text. Kinetic typography has demonstrated the ability to add significant emotive content and appeal to expressive text, allowing some of the qualities normally found in film and the spoken word to be added to static text. Kinetic type has been widely and successfully used in film as well as in television and computer-based advertising. Perceptual psychology research on attention, reading performance, and comprehension has indicated that time-based presentation of text can be used effectively to capture and manipulate a viewer’s attention and in some cases improve overall reading performance.

Kinetic Typography has been explored in the School of Design at CMU since 1996. This site describes the research work done here in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute by Johnny Lee under the direction ofScott Hudson and Jodi Forlizzi.

My story board

28 07 2011

The Story and Script.

28 07 2011

Title – Buzzy Bee


(text running across the screen)

This is a story about a Bee, finding new friends.

Scene  1

(text running across the screen)
There once was a bee hive, that hung on a branch, of a big oak tree, at the edge of the park.

*an image of a bee hive hanging from a branch*

Scene 2

(text running across the screen)
Inside this bee hive lived a young bee. his name was buzz. and buzz loved to explore the park.

*buzz coming down stairs to ask his mum if he can go out side*

Buzz – Mom?

Mom – Yes Buzz?

Bee – Can I go out and explore?

Mom – Have you cleaned your room?

Bee – I have just finished.

Mom – Ok. But be carefull, and be back in time for dinner.

Bee – Ok. Bye

Scene 3

(text running across the screen)
So buzz leaves the hive and begins to explore

*buzz flying through the sky*

Buzz – Zoom ,zoom

Buzz  – Weeeee, weeeee

Buzz  – Whoooooo

Scene 4

(text running across the screen)
As buzz enjoys flying, he spots a small bunch of Daises.

Buzz – Oh My favorite

*buzz makes his way to the daises and fees on them*

Buzz – Yum yum

Nom nom

Scene 5

(text running across the screen)
When buzz is full up on all the nectar, he begins to fly again.

*buzz leaves the flowers and is flying in the air again*

Buzz – Wizz

Buzz – Zip

Buzz – Zoom

Scene 6

(text running across the screen)
As Buzz is flying again he see some insects having a picnic. He decides to say hello.

*Buzz moves towards the insects on the picnic blanket*

Buzz – Oh I’ll go say hello

Scene 7

(text running across the screen)
As he lands on the blanket he introduces him self.

*Buzz sees an Ant eating a berry, a ladybird with a leaf and hears the caterpillar in the apple.*

Buzz – Hi, I’m Buzz. I’m from the hive across the park.

Lady – Hi Buzz, Im lady, This is ant, and wiggles is in the apple.

Buzz – Nice to meet you all, hows your picnic?

Ant – It’s great, would you like some?

Buzz – No thanks, iv just eaten.

*wiggles comes out of the apple to see what is going on*

Wiggles – hey who are you two talking too?

Buzz – hi

Wiggles – Oh hi, i didnt hear you land. Nice to meet you.

Buzz – you too.

Scene 8

(text running across the screen)
Just then Buzz heard his mum calling his name.

Mom – Buzz? Buzz?

Buzz – Coming Mom. Sorry thats my mom. I have to go.

Lady – ok bye bye

Ant – Hey maybe you could come out tomorrow.

Buzz – yea sure, ill meet you here.

Wiggles – Great, bye bye

Scene 9

(text running across the screen)
Buzz begins to fly home to his mom.

*buzz enters the hive*

Mom – how was your exploring?

Buzz – It was great, I met some new friends.

Mom – Really?

Buzz – Yea, Lady, who’s a lady bird, Ant who’s an Ant and Wiggles who’s a caterpillar.

They are all so nice, im going to meet them tomorrow.

Mom – Thats great honi, now lets get some lunch.

*Buzz and mom move off the screen.*





My Characters

28 07 2011

ok I have decided on the characters i am going to have in my short story.

buzz – the bee

lady – the ladybird

Ant  – the ant

Wiggels – the caterpillar

These are some concept drawings of them.  Tho my final characters will be made out of card.

more great videos

28 07 2011

I love this video cause it is just such an original idea.  normally people don’t think of using them selfs to create the movie.

I like this video because of time that went into it. it is a very short video but a very cool idea.

The detail in this video is great.

I love this video because is the falling through the floor part. it is very well thought out and planned.

Research – Stop motion history.

27 07 2011

Stop Motion History

Tim Burton filmed ‘the nightmare before christmas’ in stop motion. One of my Favorite movies.

This is a list of stop motion artists that I have had a brief look at the techniques they have been using through the years.

Books i have been looking at to help me with the stop motion.

these a two books that i have looked at to help me grow my knowledge on stop motion.